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DIFM DPG Symposium: Feed Your Genes. Feed Your Brain

Date: October 21

  • Location: McCormick Place West Convention Center

Implementing Genomics: Understanding How Genetics Impacts Nutritional Recommendations for
Cognition and Mental Health, Nathan Morris, M.D.- Part 1
Building upon what you already may know about genetic testing and clinically relevant SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms), new data on cognitive and mental health SNPs will be presented. Dr. Morris will assist in identifying various diet and lifestyle modifications that are associated with newly discovered SNPs and how to provide client recommendations for maximum impact.
Integrative and Nutritional Strategies for Anxiety, James Greenblatt, M.D.- Part 2
Nervousness,worry and fear, cumulatively classified as anxiety, are familiar emotions most all individuals encounter from time to time. However, for 40 million American adults, these feelings occur on a frequent basis.  Dr. Greenblatt will explore nutritional factors having an effect on anxiety and the current scientific evidence for nutrition and integrative strategies used to address symptoms of anxiety.

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