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Vegetarian Nutrition - 20th Anniversary Event with CPEU

Date: October 6

  • Location: Friends Center
Join the VN DPG for 3 hours of CEU’s with two great sessions on vegetarian nutrition on Saturday, October 6 from Noon - 3:00 pm at the Friends Center.
Friends Center is located at 1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia.  For more information, visit

Powered By Plants: What We Know About Vegan Athletes -Enette Larson-Meyer, PhD, RD and Matt Ruscigno, MPH, RD
Plant-based diets have gained popularity among athletes from professional football player Tony Gonzales to Mixed Martial Artist Mac Danzig. But what does the research say and whatwork is being done to educate athletes about plant-based nutrition? This presentation by two athletic RD's will review the latest studies and show how social media and film can be used for fun, creative nutrition education.


Vegetarian Nutrition: What the Experts are Saying (With extended Q&A) Ginny Messina, MPH, RD and Jack Norris, RD
This session will highlight issues of interest in vegetarian diets, including rates of chronic disease in this population, findings regarding vitamin B12 status and bone health, and recommendations for meeting nutrition needs.

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