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Research DPG Gut Microbiome Basics and Translation into Consumer Products Symposium - October 21, 2017

Date: October 21

  • Location: Hyatt Regency Chicago
During the last decade, interest in and scientific information on the gut microbiome has exploded. From sequencing data, we know there are thousands, maybe millions of different bacteria present in our gut. We know very little (i.e. their function, their nutrient needs, and their cohabitation preferences) about most of these bacteria. We do know they grow and feed on the polysaccharides or fibers our body’s GI tract enzymes cannot break down. The plant foods we eat contain many different complex polysaccharides, which can influence and change the gut environment, making diet one of the important modulators of the gut microbiome.
The gut microbiome has been linked to a number of health conditions like cancer, heart disease, and depression. Ongoing research is investigating whether diet can be used to modify the gut microbiome and the development of chronic diseases. Registered Dietitians (RDs) make dietary recommendations for clients, so it is important that they learn about the gut microbiome and current scientific research. Food companies have taken clues from the scientific literature and are now incorporating these findings into current and future products. Again, it is important for RDs to understand how science is being translated into practice.
This symposium has two overall goals: 1) to untangle the role of the gut microbiome and the fibers the bacteria use as fuel sources and 2) to demonstrate how industry is translating the scientific literature into products. Each goal is further subdivided into two parts.  
Goal One, Part 1 will focus on microbe basics and will expose RDs to bacteria nomenclature with the goal to make RDs feel more comfortable discussing bacteria with their clients. This session will be presented by world-renowned microbiome scientist, Jack Gilbert, PhD, University of Chicago.
Goal One, Part 2 will expose RDs to the vast array of fibers that bacteria use as a fuel source and from which they produce important metabolites like butyrate. This session will be presented by recognized polysaccharide specialist, Bruce Hamaker, PhD, Purdue University.
Goal Two, Part 1:  The second goal will focus on translation. The first part will familiarize RDs with the ways fiber can be used to modulate gut microbes and patient health. Companies are using these health benefits to market their products. This session will be presented by a recognized authority in this area, Hannah Holscher, PhD, RD, University of Illinois.
Goal Two, Part 2 will present industry’s interpretation of the science and how it is being translated into future food products RD’s clients will see in the marketplace. This part will be presented by industry leader, Keith Garleb, PhD, Abbott Nutrition. 
Saturday, October 21, 2017
Noon - 3:00 p.m.
Hyatt Regency Wacker, Ballroom DEF
Chicago, IL 

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