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Research DPG - The Gut Microbiome and Prebiotics: A Powerful Synergy for Health and Prevention

Date: October 26, 2019

  • Location: Loews Philadelphia Hotel
The Gut Microbiome and Prebiotics:
A Powerful Synergy for Health and Prevention 
Saturday, October 26, 2019
Loews Philadelphia Hotel, Congress Room
12pm - 3:30pm 
The human gut is home to the largest community of microbes that play a key role in maintaining host health and metabolic balance. Some of the most common questions about the gut microbiota and health will be answered in this symposium. Dietary interventions, such as prebiotics, can selectively promote the growth of beneficial microbes, e.g. Bifidobacterium, and thereby address dysbiosis. In this symposium, you will learn what prebiotics are and what science demonstrates their role in supporting health and in managing metabolic disease. 
Furthermore, it has become evident in recent years that the gut microbiota and the brain communicate constantly, with potential implications for mental health, mood and neurodegenerative diseases. The science of how prebiotics can be used to improve gut-brain microbiota communication will be discussed.
The symposium will be complemented with a live technical demonstration session on fibers and what they can do in a food matrix when it comes to recipe development and improvement of nutritional profiles. We will conclude with a panel of speakers and experts discussing the main themes of the symposium and answering questions.
Register now for this free symposium and earn 3 CPE (pending approval).
Presentations and Speakers
Prebiotics and gut microbiota: how they work together to affect metabolic health
Raylene Reimer, PhD, RD
The gut-brain axis: links to disease and potential for prebiotics
Jodi Nettleton, PhD
Technical Demo: fiber properties and use to improve food quality
Andy Estal, BSc

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